This virtual platform does NOT use cookies

Cookies help deliver the best experience on a website. By using this platform, you agree with the fact that we do not provide the best experience, therefore agreeing to and feeding the possibility of failure.

All entities responsible for this platform inform you that no personal data is collected, analysed or sold to third parties in the course of navigation. In other words, we, the responsible entities, apologize for not extracting or sucking your ‘self’ with a straw nor via any other virtual sophisticated extraction methods.

Since your ‘self’ is not extracted in the course of this navigation, we warn you that, in case of (un)conscious addiction to ‘self-extraction’ or ‘self-extractive navigation,’ the experience provided may cause unpredictable and disruptive side effects.

In case symptoms persist, keep in mind that what might be at stake is an auto-immune process of rejection: your body, used as it is to continuous ‘self’ extraction, identifies the unusual presence of your ‘self’ with a stranger and might eventually react towards ‘itself.’ Although this ‘falling apart’ experience might be disturbing, it only means that:

  • 1. your previously anaesthetised senses and feelings might be awake and aware;
  • 2. your body is somehow open to otherness, and therefore to infinite connections and possibilities (and not just the ones stipulated by extractive normalization and standardization).

All entities responsible for this platform cannot, however, predict ‘what a body can do’ nor take entire responsibility for ‘its’ actions or outcomes.



Be aware that, by not using algorithms, targeted information and advertisement in the course of this navigation, as strategies for manipulating your ‘self,’ the experience proposed by this platform might call into question your notion of the ‘personal’ and of the ‘self,’ in case your notion erases ‘otherness’ of self-conception. We inform and warn you that you (and us) have been silently exposed to the ‘Erasing Otherness Project,’ the long term pharmakon experimentation project in humans, characterized by the invisibility and intangibility of its unconscious manipulation methods used in the course of extractive navigation in both the analogue and the virtual neoliberal capitalist world.


By continuing to navigate on this platform, you consent to the possibility of opening your self up to ‘otherness,’ and therefore admitting the possibility of:

  • 1. experiencing your ‘self’ not as a closed and fully immunized ‘self’ but as a resonant and vulnerable one;
  • 2. experiencing large-scope vibrating processes of empathic/sympathetic resonance (and not just a selective auto-referential empathy towards those ‘others’ that are more similar to your ‘self’);
  • 3. experiencing emotions of suffering or anguish through processes of sympathetic resonance towards an unusual large spectrum of ‘other’ frequencies (and not just the normalized, well-tempered and cheesy tonal spectrum of resonance available in extractive navigation);
  • 4. experiencing your ‘self’ and your community as an ‘other’ and therefore admitting the possibility of estranging your ‘self’ and of calling into question structural aspects or dimensions of your ‘self’ and your community (who might eventually be pissed off, by the way);
  • 5. experiencing your ‘self’ as being not only in control, but as also being out of your control (a prerequisite for resonance).

Again, the administration of this platform assures that:

  • 1. these are just signs that your former dampened, solidified and mummified/zombified body fibres are now resonating/dancing along;
  • 2. this engagement with the other comes along with the powerful potential of re-creation of a larger spectrum vibrating ‘self’ and not just a standardized, normalized, boring, and obedient one.
  • 3) after some time, you’ll fucking enjoy it. It gives you something which is often referred to as ‘freedom.’



The digital is the new materiality:

Although we get in touch through this virtual space, our bodies can engage here and now (different space-times converging, touching at a distance).

In this process we admit the possibility of phantom organs exchange and/or transplantation, and vibrant contamination through resonance. By continuing to navigate on this website, you will necessarily consent with this possibility of engagement and you will agree with the fact that ‘your’ resonant body – a body as listening – is taken into account as part of this resonant cartography.

By continuing to navigate on this website, you will also therefore consent with:

  • 1. the possibility of abandoning a linear logic of communication (as transmission of content from A to B).

Oh, management has eventually forgotten that ANY possibility of linear logic was erased long ago (or not so long ago?) by extractive navigation. Are we still fighting demons of the past where complexity could not gain space in linearity of thought? We might have become obsolete, then.

  • 2. the possibility of engaging through a logic of resonance instead.

Oh, again: management dismissed the fact that the logic of resonance is, in fact, the most important strategy of extractive navigation (although the spectrums of resonance that are either amplified or dampened in extractive navigation are selected and reduced by the algorithm. Yes, again, the normalized, cheesy ones). We therefore apologize for the fact that our product is not completely new and actually offers a downgrade of previous products. Who cares, anyway? Are you there, in fact? Where are we? Who are we being? Why would we bother with something we were writing/reading and have already forgotten?



In spite of our best intentions, the complete abandonment of linear logic and the selective logic of resonance imposed by extractive navigation (to which we also are submitted) left us with no tools for discerning anything whatsoever at this point.

You might not know what this platform is or how it behaves and we are sorry to inform you that: neither do we. Having killed the algorithm,

we are left to our ‘selves’ and ‘othernesses’:

Again, ‘no one knows what a body can do’